Friday, March 19, 2010


A lot has happened recently.

I had a virus that wouldn't go away and was sick for nearly a month. Last week was the worst; I missed almost a week of lectures and labs because I felt so awful that all I could do was lie in bed and feel sorry for myself.

I also got a job. With a company that I really, really like, doing something that I really, really love – and something I'm good at. It's where I want to be career-wise and the opportunities for progression are literally unlimited. I love the people I work for, the people I work with, and my patients and their families….so far, it's been awesome and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been given this opportunity.

I'm working full-time – 40 hours a week – and my schedule is such that I'm not getting home until gone midnight. So, I'm going to have to drop a class. The way I see it, college classes will always be there, but the job offer was a one-time deal. I think that Chemistry is going to be the one getting dropped; I have labs and lectures at 0800 4 days a week, so it's the natural choice. I can make it to 10 and 11am lectures with no problems, but 8am is going to be a push, especially if I have to stay late. Consequently, Chemistry is the obvious choice (obvious to me, at least).

The place I work at is close to Midwest University I'm ultimately pursuing my degree at, so this fall semester I'm going to try and take classes there instead of at Small Town College. I'm hoping to be able to take late morning/early afternoon classes and just go straight into work after I'm done. It'll make for a longer day, but it'll save me a lot of mileage.

Things are shaping up nicely, and life is good!