Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You know what really drives me crazy?

People who have graduated High School/college but who seem to not know how to spell basic words or use tenses.

The ability to read and to write is essential. If you can't read, you're literally lost - you can't do something as simple as read the instructions on a box of cake mix, and if you can't write, filling out a job application is impossible. Why the hell more emphasis isn't placed on literacy and basic writing skills is beyond me.

Here are some examples I found in a 15 minute span this morning:

'You will be miss bro'

'Wen to da stoe to look at cloes'

'I was driven when someone past me doing there hair'

'What was I suppose to do? I didn no it was wrong'

'wat you wanna kno they hole life stroy?'

'people just wanna have sumthink to talq abut'

Not all of those quotes are from teenagers and younger people, either. Some of them are from folks in their 50's.

We're becoming a nation of idiots.

That's sad.

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