Friday, February 12, 2010

Overheard in the classroom…


Student, to Professor: "where is your husband from?"

Professor: "He's from Spain"

Student: "Oh, so he's Eye-talian, then!"

Professor (glancing at me): *blink*


Same student, the next day: "I'm sitting here wearing this ol' thin tee shirt and I'm sweating, and you're there wearing a sweater and a vest, sayin' you're cold! I don't get it….I mean, what gives?"

*The student in question is very large. VERY large. As in 'need the FD for a lift assist' large. The professor is maybe 125 lbs.*

I wanted to say "what gives is that body fat insulates – much like blubber on whales. You clearly have a LOT of body fat. The Professor clearly does NOT" . . . but I didn't. I just made a mental note to blog what was said. I have a feeling that as long as that student is in the class, I'll have a nearly limitless source of blog fodder.

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MedicMatthew said...

Ooooh blog fodder! Another reason I should go back to school.