Friday, April 16, 2010

To blog, or not to blog....

I've found myself with quite a dilemma.

Working where I do, doing what I do has given me lots of blog ideas. I have stories that are funny, some that are touching and others that are downright sad, and I am just bursting to tell y'all about them.

However, I don't think that I can. It's not just about HIPAA and patient confidentiality, because I could sanitize the stories and bleach out personal details. It's about intimacy and trust.

Death is a very intimate event. I've learned that being in the room or at a person's bedside when they die is to be regarded as an honor. The family is trusting enough of me to let me be there, to WANT me to be there . . . and I cannot violate that trust by posting the details of their very private moment on the internet for the whole world to read.

So, there won't be any stories of death here. There will be eulogies; tributes to the people I've cared for in the last days of their life, but I fully intend to leave the most private moments just as they are - private.

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Tom said...

Very well said.