Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh poop.

I saw the surgeon again today, to get my stitches removed and talk about what he found on the inside of my shoulder.

The tendon tears weren't as bad as he anticipated, which is good. I had some scar tissue that needed removed, and the anchors that were placed during the capsule reconstruction had broken off, so he had to remove them, too.

"I did find the reason for your pain" he said "and it wasn't really what I was expecting". He showed me a set of photos taken during the procedure.

"This is what cartilage is supposed to look like" he said, pointing to a photo of a smooth, glossy white surface. "This is what the cartilage on your humeral head looks like..." and he pointed to a picture of a pitted yellow surface "...there's not a whole lot of cartilage left there. You have a significant arthritis, probably from when you kept dislocating and subluxating your shoulder".

'Significant arthritis', and I'm only 40. :-/

The good news is that I'm probably a candidate for a hemiarthroplasty in the next few years - instead of replacing the entire joint, the surgeon just replaces the humeral head and resurfaces the glenoid. From what I understand, it's a very successful surgery, providing significant pain relief with improved motion and function. I'm all about that.

Every time I have a surgery, I go into it thinking that this one will be the last one....and every time, there's always something else that needs fixed or tweaked. Just when I think that the accident is finally behind me, something else rears it's head and I realize that no, it's not behind me yet.

*sigh* Maybe one day....


Epijunky said...

I'm not far behind you honey... Keep your chin up. I know that's easier said than done sometimes.

I love ya Ninja. Sending "feel better" vibes and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Given some hard work on your part the results can be very good.had the op due to trauma (bike crash
)@56 and my surgeon keeps showing his work to everybody in sight when I have my yearly check

Ninjamedic said...

Epi: I love you too, chickie. I am *so* fucking proud of you for going after your dreams the way you are. If you need anything, let me know - The Hubs and I really mean that, just so you know. If you need help with buying your books for school, let us know...we'll do whatever we can to help.

I don't tell many people this, but if I were hurt, I would want YOU taking care of me.

Anon: Thank you for your comment. I'm prepared to work to get rehabbed when the time comes to get this joint replaced. My original injury stemmed from a car accident, too.