Friday, August 7, 2009

This is why procreation should require a license

This is Giselle Gomez. Isn't she adorable? All that hair, those big brown eyes...she's a cutie.

She's also dead. Her mother left her in a parked car for over an hour on Wednesday whilst she went into a business to visit with a family member. Giselle was strapped into her car seat, all the windows were rolled up, and there was no air conditioning in the vehicle. Medics said that when they got to her, she was covered in heat blisters. The autopsy performed yesterday declared hyperthermia as the cause of death.

Giselle has a sister, who's two and a half. Both she and her sister were left alone in the car, but the sister managed to unstrap herself, get out of the vehicle and go looking for the mom.

It was in the 90's here on Wednesday. Yesterday investigators placed the car back in the same parking spot at the same time of day, and after an hour they measured the temperature inside. It was 170 degrees.

What kind of fucking retarded halfwit idiot leaves a one year old in a car with no ventilation and air conditioning in the middle of the afternoon on a 90 degree day??!!?? This kind of idiot:

In case you were wondering exactly what that particular depth of stupidity looks like, it's above, on the left.

That poor little girl literally cooked to death. Her body was covered in heat blisters. The police officers who responded said they's 'never seen anything like it before'. I just can't imagine what that was like....nor do I *want* to imagine. I feel for the medics that took the call....I'm sure that it will stay with them for a while.
Her sister has been removed from the custody of the mom and the dad and is currently in DCFS foster care. When investigators went to the family home yesterday they found what they described as 'unsanitary conditions' and 'spiders and slugs in the bathtub'. Now I'm not the world's best housekeeper, but my the fuck do you get slugs in your tub?!?

Mom has been charged with a 3rd degree felony and is in the country jail on $78,000 bond. I really am having difficulty getting my head around just how fucking dumb she is. It's not as if she was running into the post office or making a quick stop at the convienience store, she was at an insurance agency, visiting with someone (and that someone should, IMO, have asked just what the fuck stupid halfwitted bitch up there was playing at, leaving those kids in the car).

This is why I think there should be a licensing process for procreation; there should be some kind of class that potential parents have to take before they're allowed to have kids. Topics such as 'why it's a bad idea to leave your child unattended for over an hour in the back seat of a car when it's 90 degrees outside' and 'Slugs and bathtubs: never the twain shall meet'.

I've been saying that the idiots are breeding for years. Here's the tragic proof of it.


Christopher Mader said...

Burn the bitch!!

MedicMatthew said...

"Maria Skidis, owner of the hair salon, said the mother and her two daughters often visit a relative at the insurance agency..."There is no doubt in my mind that she is a good mom. She would hold her daughters, kiss them, make everything better."

You have got to be shitting me. Yeah, she's a great fucking mom now that her surviving child is taken away from her where her blatant fucking ignorance can no longer harm the child.

And people think I'm joking when I say a permit should be required prior to reproduction.

Anonymous said...

I'm a parent and the thought of what that precious little girl suffered before she died makes me want to puke. Her killer should never be allowed anywhere near a child, ever again! And I'd gladly stuff her into that car on a 90 degree day, so she can die the same way her daughter did.

But there's one question that needs to be answered: Mom was at an insurance agency. I don't know about yours, but my ins. agent has people in and out of the office all the time. Even in a small town, they rarely have even 15 minutes go by without someone coming in. Was there NO ONE else during that hour close enough to the car to see that there were two children left alone in there, and either rescue them - or at least call the police?!?

Rest in peace, Giselle. And may your killer rot in hell!

Kathy said...

Amen Ninja Medic, I say this everyday in my job.