Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Tune-age

Spent the day cleaning and trying to get stuff squared away so that I'll be able to sit on my arse next week. Today's playlist includes:

CCR: Down On The Corner (incidentally, this was the first riff I taught myself the day after I got my first acoustic guitar at the grand old age of 30).

New Order: True Faith

Kate Bush: Wuthering Heights (I remember when that song first came out in the UK...I was 10 or 11, I think, and inspired enough to try and read Wuthering Heights. It took me 3 weeks, and I have had a crush on Heathcliffe ever since).

Bob Marley: No Woman, No Cry.

Johnny Cash: I've Been Everywhere (my favorite JC clip is the one of him playing Folsom Prison - he's swinging that guitar of his around and he's chewing gum and is so incredibly hot. June was a lucky chick).

Talking Heads: Once In A Lifetime (a very Buddhist song, I think. I see threads of impermanence in the lyrics).

Biz Markie: Just A Friend

Pink Floyd: Another Brick In The Wall (if any of you ever have the misfortune to be near me when I'm lit, see if you can get me to say "if ye don't eat yer meat, ye can't have any pudding! How can ye have any pudding if ye doan eat yer meat!??!!". Apparently I'm pretty good at it)

Dexy's Midnight Runners: Geno (Love the horns and bass on this. Have persuaded Littlest Ling to play the sax part for me).

The Real McKenzies: Bugger Off (seeing them play a live show is on my Bucket List. I want to be right at the front, on the edge of the pit, so's I can get a nice view of their arses when they flip their kilts and moon the crowd).

Jane's Addiction: Been Caught Stealing (Perry Farrell is incredibly cool - a little odd, but aren't we all?).

MCR: Teenagers (I still feel like it's me vs society in general some days. Especially around here. Military families can be really very conservative, and I....well, I'm not).

Radio Head: Creep (I love the start of the guitar riff in this).

Madness: One Step Beyond (British ska from the early 80's. Ska is what what I call 'fat' and Urbaner calls 'wet'; it's got a souped-up reggae backbeat to it and is horn-heavy. I *heart* ska).

Common: Universal Mind Control

Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Goode

ZZ Top: Legs

Fatboy Slim: Weapon Of Choice (If you've never seen the video for this, I highly recommend that you check it out. Christopher Walken does this dance routine that is just fab-u-lous.)

And with that, I must go cook some food-age. Untill the morrow, dear hearts....

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Raindog said...

Ah, I 'll match you from my play list tonight......

The Rhythm of the Heat: Peter Gabriel at his best primary and elemental.

Yuri G: PJ Harvey. A power song of wanting.

WannaBe In LA: Eagles of Death Metal. A reminder not not to take oneself too seriously.

Don't Let Me Be Understood: The Animals have always been in my home. In Vietnam, my dad said his fellow marines won't let you off the firebase if you didn't play, "We Gotta Get out of this Place." Eric Burton belts out rhythm and blues like few others.

The Kilborn HIgh Road: Flogging Molly. My favorite Irish Rock band since the Pogues.

It Ought to be Easier: Lyle Lovett. From his first album after breaking up with Julia Roberts.

Are We Ourselves: The Fixx. Is there a bad Fixx song from the early 80's?

Canary: Liz Phair. How to choke on conformity with hidden froth.

Misirlou: Dick Dale and his Dell-tones. It's summer. I can listen to shredding surf rock.

Two Heart Beat as One: I am very found of old U2 and the entire War album,