Saturday, July 18, 2009


*listening to Lou Reed 'Walk On The Wild Side'*

The past couple of days haven't been stellar, but they've been better. Nobody has wanted to kill each other, and mama hasn't been eyeing the booze section in the store with quiet desperation, wondering whether it really *will* come to that.

I actually got to talk to my husband for 10 minutes one day, and the next day we had *another* 10 minute call with no cackling or interruptions. It was bliss, I tell you. Sheer bliss.

I feel bad for Urbaner. Not only is he being asked to work is ass off there, he's has issues to deal with at home. That's not easy for anyone. However, it's not fucking easy to left here dealing with the fallout of his absence, either.

*Goldfrapp, 'Strict Machine'*

Found out that Numbah Two hasn't been taking his medications as regularly as he said he was. It explains a lot, and as I explained to him this morning, it also means that I'm going to have to start dispensing them again. He had built enough trust with me and his pa that we had let him self dispense, but that's gone for a little while. I think that once his serum levels become adequate he'll stabilize and will be back on track, but that's going to take a couple of weeks.

*Cat Stevens, 'Wild World'*

Sat next to the head Brass at a dinner last week. Have promised him some tomatoes and peppers out of my garden. He says he's going to hold me to it. I believe him. I'm starting to notice a difference in the way brass talk to and interact with Senior NCO''s difficult to explain. It's not exactly familiarity, but it's something like that.

*David Bowie, 'Modern Love'*

I have found that the older I get, the more I need order and cleanliness in order to be able to operate. I used to be able to live in a proverbial sty, but I can't do that anymore. So, gentle reader, I am going to leave you for now and go about setting my house into some semblance of order.

*Play nicely whilst I am cleaning, please and be aware that if I come back and find my shit fucked up there will be consequences.*

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