Monday, July 13, 2009

What the hell??!!??

I woke up this morning to find our female rat, Brenda, perched atop a pile of squirming, squealing pink rat babies.

MORE rat babies.

The original litter are only 6 weeks old and are barely weaned, and now we have more. Brenda got put in the cage with Dale a few weeks ago so FTS and I could clean out the tank that's serving as a nursery - she wasn't in there for very long and they were supposed to have been supervised, but I'm guessing that the 'lings found playing XBox to be far more important than keeping an eye on the rats.

I don't know exactly how many babies are in there because I don't want to move Brenda to count them. I've seen 5 thus far, but I'm thinking that there are likely a few more that I haven't seen yet.

This is ridiculous. We're going to be overrun with rats if this keeps happening!

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