Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dear Troll

Once again, I have to thank you for stopping by my little corner of the blogsphere and really telling me how it is. Boy howdy, was my face ever red after reading your rambling, ill spelt and grammatically incorrect rambling! I mean, you sure put me in my place!

I know that it must be TERRIBLY disappointing for you now that Frank's been sentenced to A HUNDRED A THIRTY-FIVE FUCKING YEARS, but please don't take it too hard: they have visiting days in prison. You'll see each other again, I'm sure. I wouldn't hold out much hope of ever having anything other than a jail-house relationship, though. He's not going to be eligible for parole for sixty-seven years and six months. I should warrant that he'll be dead before that happens, especially if he happens to be unable to be placed in protective custody.

Would you like me to stop using words of more than one syllable, dear? I know how taxing it is for you to read above a 4th grade level.

There's nothing fake ass about me, dear. A bitch I may be, but I'm not fake. You did get one thing correct though: I am feeling pretty stupid. Stupid for letting Ashley into my home, stupid for letting him anywhere near my kids, stupid for letting him start to drive a wedge between me and my husband. However, I find solace in the fact that, stupid as I may have been, I am still married, still in love with my husband, still have a career, and oh yes....I AM NOT IN FUCKING JAIL, DID NOT COME OUT ON BEHALF OF A NOW CONVICTED PEDOPHILE, AND AM NOT REDUCED TO TROLLING THE INTERNET, LEAVING SEMI-THREATENING COMMENTS ON OTHER PEOPLE'S BLOGS. I do have to ask you this: if you are so unafraid of my knowing who you are, why are you signing in as anonymous yet again?

In closing, let me just say this: Frank was given a hell of an opportunity to save his own skin. All he had to do was undergo psychosexual (I know that's a long word and I'm willing to break it down for you if you like) evaluation and he'd have been given a lighter sentence. What did he have to lose? If he was innocent, it would have showed. If he was guilty, he could have probably lived to see the outside of a jail cell again...but he refused. He was given the chance to still maintain his 5th amendement rights and NOT have the results announced in court, but he still chose to refuse. I just cannot understand why in the hell he wouldn't help himself.


One more thing: if you think that a truly innocent man can be convicted on "storytelling" in this day an age, then you truly are madder than a box of frogs. But yeah, keep telling yourself what you need to in order to get some sleep at night. Whatever it takes for you to feel better about standing up for a child molesting fuck. Perhaps you should start drinking again; that worked for you in the past.



P.S. If you are who you say you are, you know exactly where to find me. Oddly enough, I haven't gotten any phone calls or seen you in my area. I can't imagine why...*rolls eyes*

P.P.S. It's 'whore', not 'ho'. Get it right, stupid.

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Anonymous said...

Ya ok, by the way - there weren't any misspelled words that I found in my last comment to your sorry, fake, ugly ass. Where I'm from we say "Ho", you dumb HO, not 'Whore' you old lady.

Oh and you really shouldn't think so highly of yourself - I don't surf on the web wanting to read about your fucked up, sorry ass, boring life. Typed up Frank's name and your stupid blog popped up as a faggot ass link. My bad for even clicking on it, but I enjoy receiving your pathetic ass comments back to me. Been awhile since I searched up Frank's name and really got a kick out of your "Dear Troll" shit. Am I the troll? That is so fucking funny. Really funny cuz you think you know who I am.

Bitch, if I knew where to find your ugly ass then I would have a long time ago. Just to fucking punch your ugly ass mouth several times.

It's really kinda gross how self absorbed and just flat out retarded you are. I guess it's nice that you have confidence but honey you really have nothing to be confident about. Damn You Ugly!!! Ewe....

Oh, get used to the grammer fuck face.....I'm not writing a book. Coming straight from the hood BIOTCH!!! Oh that's hella old and can't understand.

Well, it's really been fun but I can't believe I'm wasting time on you once again. You really have some nerve talking so much shit about everyone else's lives when your shit is so fucked up.

I can't stop fucking crack me the fuck up. What a stupid fucking old ass bitch you are.

P.S. - always look in your rearview mirror biotch. you might be followed