Monday, February 9, 2009

First race date

Saturday, March 28th. I'm entering a 5k run/walk race near here.

Ideally, I'll run the whole thing, however...I've promised myself that I'm starting it running and I'm finishing it running.

Urbaner is running it with me, hopefully.

Then on April 19th, FTS and I are talking about running another 5k together. Urbaner will be gone for that one, but I'd really like to keep running 5ks as often as I can over the spring and summer.

I've also got a plan for tattoos celebrating races I finish: butterflies going up my leg. Not big butterflies, just little ones, floating their way from my ankle up to....well, who knows. I have to run and finish the first race before I can make plans for too many more.

By the way, Urbaner: I meant what I said. I highly doubt I'll be running a half marathon in my life, but should it ever happen I WILL get '13.1' tattooed on my ass. Believe it.


Epijunky said...

YAY Miss Ninja!

I'm so proud of you :) You're totally inspiring me ya know.

The Happy Medic said...

Good luck on your run!

randompawses said...

Hell, hon, forget tattooing '13.1' on your ass - put it where you could show it off! That'd certainly be an accomplishment to be proud of, considering how many of us out-of-shape folks would keel over long before the end of even a 5k run.

Cheating Death said...

good luck! I have actually ran a full marathon... Now I can barely run to the fridge!

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