Monday, February 2, 2009

O hai.

O hai, peoples. Dis Noods again.

Last week wuz strange. First, teh kidz stayed home a LOT. They sed they didnt have to go to skool bucuz of sumfing called sno. I didnt kno wut sno wuz, but i figgerd it wuznt gud becuz it maded teh kids stay home. Then I wented outside to tiddle and instead of teh green graas in mai yard and the brown durt, there wuz all dis wite stuff everware and it wuz reel coald! I didnt want to go and tiddle in dat, but mai kidz sed 'go potty, Noods!' so I wented out and tiddled reel kwick and wen i camed back inside mai feets were freezin!!

Then later teh boyz putted on they cotes and hats and gluvs and boots and they wented outside and they frewed the wite stuff called sno at each other and they laffed a hole lot. The Tall Girl sed "see, Noods! That's what snow is! Do you want to go play in it?" and I sed "no, is too cold! I want to stay here!" but all she herd was "growrrrrr woofwoofwoof!".

I doan liek sno. It makes my feets and tummy chilly. I hope it doesnt sno no moar.

Mai Momma sed her fwend Mz Epi is getting her a dawg. I wented to see Mz Epi's blawg, and sho nuff, deres a pikchure of a dawg over dere and Mz Epi sed shes gunna dopt him. I fink dats a reel gud fing and I fink Mz Epi is a reel naise lady for dopting dat dawg.

Oh! Mai momma is doing teh dishez and dat meens fud for me and Grace! I gots to go!




Epijunky said...

Thanks Noodz for the shout out! I'll have to introduce you to Dash when we get him home tomorrow :) Be good for your Momma!

Evil Transport Lady said...

ROFL!! :)