Friday, February 13, 2009

Now that it's public

For backround on this story, see this post:


'The reported former head of security forces at Ellsworth Air Force is in the Pennington County Jail facing multiple charges of rape, sexual contact with a child younger than 16 and incest.Frank Ashley, 42, is charged in Pennington County with three counts of third-degree rape, one count of fourth-degree rape, four counts of sexual contact with a child younger than 16 and one count of aggravated incest.

The charges are for alleged incidents from 2002 to 2007 while Ashley was stationed at Ellsworth and living in Rapid City. Attorneys and court officials here and in California say Ashley told them he was head of security forces at Ellsworth during that time.If convicted, Ashley faces up to 135 years in prison.

Ashley also faces life in prison if convicted of two counts of first-degree rape of a child younger than 10 in Meade County. He is additionally charged there with third-degree rape of a child under 16 and sexual contact with a child under 16.Those incidents allegedly occurred while Ashley was living on the base from 1998 to 2000.

Ashley was arrested July 8, in Vacaville, Calif., where he was living after his retirement from the Air Force.

He made an initial court appearance in Rapid City on Sept. 25.On Thursday, Judge A.P. "Pete" Fuller granted a Pennington County states attorney's request that Ashley's contact with family members be strictly limited. His attorney must be present at all times.'

This is the person I've been writing about sporadically. This is the man I let into my home and life. This is the man who led me to have to sit with my children and ask them a question NO parent should ever have to ask their child: did this man touch you? Did he make any suggestions or interact with you in a way that was inappropriate or made you uncomfortable?
This is the man who showed my children that predators and molestors don't come with labels on them, that they look like you and I and are sometimes even in positions of authority.

Oh, and for the record, he wasn't "head of security forces"; He was NCOIC of Investigations. It's typical of Frank to talk himself up like that. I'll bet he's got the other pedophiles in the sexual offenders protective custody unit he's confined in believing he's pretty special by now.
But he's not. He's not special.

He's a fucking pedophile. There's nothing special about that.


Epijunky said...

I hope that sick fuck gets everything he has coming to him and more.

I hear that child molesters don't traditionally do well in prison.

One can hope.

Ninja Medic said...

Epi: pedophiles and people who rob mug old ladies are at the bottom of the food chain in prisons. They're usually in a protective custody unit, and for good reason: they're sitting ducks in gen. pop.

My best hope is that he is convicted on all counts and sentenced to life in prison (or at the very least enough time to last his natural life). Whilst there, some big South Dakota boy named Hans or Bubba decides to make Frank his personal bitch and he gets a taste of what it's like to be a sexual chattel.

Some of the comments on the news story are from people who knew him when he was at Ellsworth, and their opinion of him is pretty much the same as mine: an egocentric, narcissistic and manipulative jerk. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way.

Evil Transport Lady said...

He'll be somebodies bitch in prison. At least we can hope for it!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I'm not sold on the idea of putting child molesters in prison. Lynching, on the other hand....

If somebody'd done that to one of my kids, well, their next stop would've been the morgue.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how so many people are completely ignorant. What ever happened to Innocent until proven guilty? It's bullshit....I have a question for the publisher of this blog, you said you knew him and he was in your house? You trusted him then, what changed your mind? So everyone believes the shit that is posted in fake ass newspapers and the opinionated media?? They don't report facts by the way. You should all pray that some fucked up kid don't get pissed off at you and makes some allegations like these cuz you would all be fucked having dumbass retards posting shit like you all have posted. You really should research all the innocent people who are locked up or were locked up because of false accusations. You would change your mind about how you feel. You all sound like a bunch of bitchass haters talking shit about the dude you all knew and worked with. LOSERS

ljc said...

A long-overdue update . . . Frank Ashley was indeed convicted in May, 2009, and was sentenced to 135 years in prison. So, Anonymous, sometimes you have to believe what you see in print.

Anonymous said...

Ninja, perhaps I know you. Curiosity led me to this blog.Well stated. If you are who I think you are perhaps we can discuss this a bit later. Have a good day.

Anonymous said...

Frank has tried repeatedly to win new trials and all of that, to no avail. There's no PC area for sex offenders. They are mixed in throughout the prison. I did time with him, and I must tell you, he is as guilty as they get.