Friday, August 15, 2008

Things that have pissed me off already today and it's not even noon...

Ambien CR doesn't work for me anymore. I didn't sleep well, and when I did, I dreamt I was being chased.

School supply shopping and the retarded fucking school district I live in. One mom at the store was told her kindergartener need EIGHT fucking glue sticks, plus a bottle of glue. WTF?? What 5 year old needs 8 fucking glue sticks?! That kid'd best be coming home with elaborate collages EVERY fucking day to justify that kind of glue stick-usage. You know why he needs 8 glue sticks? Because they get dumped into a big ol' box and shared throughout the class - so some of his glue sticks are going to kids whose parents either can't afford to buy them (hmm...could that be because of the 'book rental fees' we're asked to pay?) or simply don't. I don't mind donating stuff like that to schools, but DO NOT tell me my child HAS to have to and then turn around and give it to someone else's child. ASK me to donate, please. Don't make it into something it isn't.

People at *gag* wal-mart, especially the lady at the door soliciting for donations for her church who told me that god loves me anyway when I said I don't give to religious causes.

People who smell bad due to a distinct lack of personal hygiene...and no, I'm not talking about homeless or morbidly obese folks. I'm talking about regular people who fail to see the need for WASH THEIR STANK ASSES and who go around assaulting others with their horrible body odor. It's not so much the stale body odor as it is a combination of that, the overwhelming smell of old urine and UNWASHED ASS CRACK AND SNATCH (before anyone starts asking how I know what unwashed ass crack and snatch smell like, let me direct you to the sidebar where I tell you what my job is and also inform you that I did private duty and long term care facility nursing for a few years before entering EMS. I KNOW what unwashed ass and snatch smell like, I've been up close and personal with it a few times - it never smelled that way after they became my patients, though. Ever.) that makes me gag. I sometimes want to go buy soap and deodorant and slip them into people's shopping bags as they make their way from the store....and if I KNEW that people would use them, I think I'd seriously make it a regular thing. However, as they saying goes, you can lead a STANK ASS to SOAP AND WATER but you cannot make them WASH.

Elderly drivers, especially the lady who nearly hit me when she failed to turn her head and LOOK BEHIND HER as she was backing out of her parking spot. I was already backed out and getting ready to put my car in first when she hit the gas and came awfully close (less than 1') to reverse t-boning me. Hello, people! LOOK BEHIND YOU! TURN YOUR HEADS! IF YOU CAN'T DO THAT BECAUSE OF SOME PHYSICAL AILMENT OR DISABILITY, TURN YOUR FUCKING DRIVER'S LICENSE IN BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS BEING IN CHARGE OF A VEHICLE!!!

GAH. I don't like people today.

(sorry for shouting. I'm having one of those days)


EE said...

Awesome post!

Rogue Medic said...

Or back into the space, but that seems to be an advanced skill, therefore beyond the abilities of this dangerous driver.

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