Friday, August 22, 2008

Will this dog EVER get the message?

This is how Noodle Dawg is going to spend a lot of her day today. I swear to gawd this dawg is NEVER going to get the hang of potty training.
She started out strong and was doing great - we had a few wet spots on the carpet, but she was peeing outside the majority of the time. Recently, however....she WILL NOT PEE OUTSIDE. She seems to have confused the carpet in the living room with the grass in the back yard.
I've been mopping up pee, spraying it down with a vinegar and water solution and now my living room has an interesting odor. I have to shampoo the carpeting today - I was going to clean anyway but hadn't anticipated a job of that magnitude (our house is a good 1900 sq ft, half of which is an open plan living/dining and kitchen combination). I like to have a house that smells clean; I don't like to walk downstairs like I did this morning and have my olfactory nerves assaulted by the odor of dawg, vinegar and pee. It's gross, and I can't stand it.
Other news: I'm starting Urbaner's pirate fish hat today. He's been very patient but I think he thinks I'm never going to make it for him, so I'm going to surprise him with it. Ssssh, don't tell's a secret. I'm going to knit it when he's not around and put it on his pillow when it's done.

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