Saturday, October 25, 2008

be afraid.....

that's me being miserable. the big blue thing is a polar ice cooling pad that keeps ice water circulating over my shoulder. the thing that looks like a mole on my neck is where the inter-scalene block went in at.

this is what happens when you dont put enough pressure on an iv site right after the catheter's removed. purdy, aint it?


h. said...

We used one of those circulating ice packs when my MIL had her knee replaced. They work amazingly well, but I did almost throttle my FIL when he decided they didn't actually need ice to make the thing work. My MIL said to me, "Oh, it works so much better when you fill it..." and that's when I realized he wasn't adding ice when he refilled it.. just cold water.

When I've had surgeries in the past, and I've been in that "Oh fuck I hurt and don't want to do this anymore stage"... I've come to rely on one simple mantra that gives me strength. It goes something like this.. "At least my FIL is not taking care of me. At least my FIL is not taking care of me.." Seriously. ;-)

Oh, and your bruise is very purdy!
Wishing you the best!

Chris said...

My friend's arm looks like that too, only covered in them! It's quite funny, but she does look like an IVDU!

h. said...

Hey! Congrats for winning Kal's WCCGOHH contest!

RD said...

Hope you are getting your rest!
Get better soon!