Saturday, October 25, 2008

i didn't know.. was going to be this painful.

...i am such a whiny bitch.

...I'd get more relief from ibuprofen than i would narcotics.

...i could smell this funky in such a short space of time.

...people who said they'd be there would be so unreliable.

...people who barely know me would be so comforting and sweet. you know who you are, and you should also know that i very much appreciate you.

...that i could type this fast one-handed.

..that I'd be afraid of my ability to cope on my own. that's never happened before, and it's disconcerting.


Anonymous said...

ouch! i know its easy for me to say, sitting all the way over here, but don't worry, it'll get better soon! And you're allowed to be whiny, and to rely on people for a change!

RD said...

1) I'm sorry your in pain.
2) Pain changes one's personality. It's not you, it the pain.
3) Ibuprofen reduces swelling. It does wonders for me.
4) I'm never sweet. It's against my nature. I'm cranky and crusty!
5) I type one handed the MDC all the time. It's why I can't type two handed any more.
6) Relying on others makes you human.

Get Well.
Ice well

I wish you comfort and sleep.


Kolla said...

Hang in there NM, glad you can type on handed as I absolutely love your blog!! I'm an EMT wannabe (hoping to start school in Jan) and you are already one of my heros.
I just love your honest and open writing style.

Hope you are feeling better and that your shoulder will be like new once healed up.