Thursday, October 2, 2008

NinjaMedic and the wonderful very good awesome most excellent day.

Right now I am as happy as the proverbial pig in poo.

The sun is shining and it's been a beautiful day weather-wise - not too hot, not too cold; just a gorgeous day.

Urbaner came home for lunch and he and I got to eat together and hang out for a half an hour sans interruptions from teenagers and co-workers.

I found some knitting patterns for baby hats on teh intarwebs (WoollyWormhead's 'Wee Woolly Toppers', 5 English pounds for 16 designs, available either as a brochure or as a PDF download from and some knitting books that I had ordered arrived via the USPS this afternoon. A quick perusal of said books and I have some wonderful ideas for Christmas gifts for family and friends -and even better, I HAVE THE NECESSARY YARN AND NEEDLES ALREADY IN MY STASH!!!! That makes me happy - and it'll make Urbaner even happier!

I felt well enough to get some laundry and light housework done and even managed to stave off the sleepies this afternoon with a nice cup of PG Tips tea. Hopefully not taking a nap this afternoon will mean I get to sleep before 0130 tomorrow morning.....

The sutures on my incisions are falling out left right and center and my Franken-boobage is looking MUCH better. The bruising is going away and I'm getting used to having smaller breasts now. A couple of people who I haven't seen in a while and who didn't know what procedure I had done have asked me if I've lost weight, which I think is great.

The only slightly dark cloud on the horizon of my very good wonderful most EXCELLENT day was a 1/2" stretch of incision that's started to open up. It's not horrifically deep - just skin - and it's not huge, but it's open nonetheless. There isn't, however, anything anyone can do about it....I just have to keep it clean and wait for it to close itself.

Sunshine, books, knitting and healing all make NinjaMedic a VERY happy camper. What about you? What makes YOUR day wonderful?

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