Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dear Kirtons

Dear Mr and Mrs Kirton,

I watched the documentary about you on Discovery Health last night, and I am even more dismayed and disgusted with your behaviour and attitude.

I don't care what you say to the contrary, there is NO way on earth that you could NOT have know that there was something very, very wrong with your children before the birth of your 6th and final baby. NO WAY.

I understand that having 6 children is rough, period, and I cannot imagine how it must be to have six children with varying degrees of autism. However, there is no excuse for living conditions in your home. None. It wasn't just untidy, it was filthy and unhygenic and I am gobsmacked that you'd be willing to go on national television and let the nation see that you live like pigs (actually, that's an insult to pigs. I've seen sties that were positively sanitary and pristine compared to your home.

I wasn't going to watch the show, but I felt that I needed to give you the benefit of the doubt and really was hoping to be able to write an article here saying that I was wrong and that I owed you an apology. However, this morning....I don't feel that I should apologize for anything, because my suspicions were right.

I didn't think it was possible to feel any more disgusted than I did last week. I was wrong. Boy, was I ever wrong.




michael p. said...

I second that motion!

Why keep having children if after the first two (2) you KNOW something is wrong? What exactly is the point of making all these babies? If they wanted a large family, haven't they heard of adoption? Didn't their church advise them about adoption so they could still have their huge family? I wonder how far from the Duggar family these people live - maybe the Duggars could have loaned 10 of their 19 (soon to be 20) kids.

Obviously something is not quite right with the mother and father doesn't seem to be all there, either. Where the autism comes from is really a no brainer.

I find it very difficult to believe that all the children really have autism and wonder if they have had their hearing checked.

In my extended family we have two families with three autistic children total and their parents have figured out ways to keep the house neat and tidy and how to prevent the children from peeling the paint and sheetrock paper off the walls.

The health department in their town needs to see the video of that house - autistic kids or not, there is no excuse for such filth.

Ninja Medic said...


I take it that you saw the show too...? Wasn't that house disgusting? The children's beds didn't have sheets on them and it looked like there was fecal matter smeared on the walls in every single one of the rooms. Gross. Apparently, they've already had the children removed from their custody by the state once - and after last night, I can see why.

I still don't buy their explanation that they had no idea there was anything wrong with ANY of the kids until the youngest was a year old. You saw those kids and their YOU think that's possible?

Thanks for your response; please come back again!