Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sucky suckers and the suckiness they cause.

This sucks. Ass. Big, fat, ugly, stinky ass.

I'm allergic to something as yet unknown. I have an epi pen - yeah, it's THAT bad - and I'm getting skin tested tomorrow. However, BECAUSE I'm getting skin tested, I can't take any allergy meds this week. At all. No allegra, no zyrtec, no singular, not even a wee little benadryl.

Since Saturday I have been itching incessantly. I've been sneezing constantly, my nose seems intent on purging every ounce of fluid I've got in my body out through my nostrils - and what's left has been leaking out of my eyes. I've spent more time WITH urticaria than without and I look like I dove in and took care of business for C over at Space To Rant on his recent night out because I've got 'allergic shiners'. The whites of my eyes have a lovely red bloodshot look to them and my whole face is swollen.

I am, in other words, a miserable bitch right now. I'm not ill enough to want to take to my bed, nor am I ill enough to warrant a shot of epi and a trip to the ER (although I briefly considered it yesterday when my face broke out in hives and it felt like I had a chunk of food stuck in my throat. However, it resolved itself in a pretty short amount of time, so no emergency for me). I'm just fucking miserable enough to want to whine about it.

So, I'm whining. Wah.

Wah. This sucks. This is the suckiest suck that ever sucked in the history of sucks.


Here endeth today's whine.

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Anonymous said...

Erk! That sucks - hope you find out what you're allergic to soon!