Thursday, October 30, 2008

happy 5th rebirthday to me.....

today is 5 years to the day.

i didn't blog about this, but i thought i was dying in that truck. no, i KNEW i was dying. i called Urbaner not only to tell him what had happened, but to say goodbye.

today has been tearful, but i'm ok. i got the staples removed this morning, and i'm in the immobilizer for another 2 weeks. i felt a bit sorry for myself at first, but i had a good cry and i'm ok now. i'm done feeling sorry for myself; that time has passed. it's time to heal now, to get on with life and to try and make a difference, no matter how small. i don't need a divine meaning or purpose, i can create my own.

and i intend to do just that.

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Ambulance Mommy said...

I just took some time, and caught up on your story. Wow. You are not only survived all that, but then had to go home and be a full time mom on top of it.

Having been through some nasty trauma myself, I think you're doing great. Just because something happens five years ago doesnt mean that there won't be momemnts when it feels like yesterday, huh? Things like the surgery bring it all back, don't they?

Hoping you are feeling better today and that the Motrin is working (god BLESS it, right??)

Thanks for the offer to sic Noodle on my idiot husband. The way the weekend is going, it's very possible I might have to take you up on it! :)