Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's not EMS, but...

...I got a job.

It's in a long term care facility that has both a skilled nursing hallway and an independent living wing. It scored high on the Medicaid scale and had a reputation in the area for being one of the best around. I interviewed there this morning and I was offered a job.

I've seen these places from both sides of the spectrum: the facility staff side and the EMS side. I've been frustrated because I didn't feel I was being given enough time or equipment to adequately care for my patients and I've also been frustrated as an EMT - being handed a patient's file and been told "they're not acting right, last door on the right" is NOT adequate information about a patient.

I explained my frustrations to the director this morning. I said that I have ethics and personal standard regarding residents/patients and their care and that I know from experience that the fallout is NOT pleasant if I deviate from those standards. I said I wanted to go home at night knowing that I provided the best care I could for people and, should EMS be called, I wasn't going to just grunt and point, I was going to give as detailed a report as I would if were the EMT delivering the patient to the ER.
I said that I wasn't going to follow the herd but that I was going to try and be an example of how proper and adequate care should be provided. Nobody *has* to follow my lead...but I hope that they do.

And I meant it. I MEAN it. I'm going to do that, no matter how slow it makes me and no matter how everyone else is going it. I'm not going to let my standards drop, regardless.

It's not EMS, but it IS in my chosen career field. It's also more money than I'd be making as an EMT. Can't argue with that.

I'm actually excited and happy about going back to work!


randompawses said...

Congrats on the new job, NM! We need more people like you, who actually give a damn about patients in long-term care and are willing to get off their butts and do it right!

Chris said...

Well done Ninja!

Off to an exam now, so a brief comment, but hope you enjoy it!

Ninjamedic said...

RP: thank you. I'm not saying that I'm going to be perfect and that everyone will want to do things my way, but I DO care and I'm going to make it obvious that I care...

Chris: Dude, where have you been?! Nice to 'see' you!