Monday, March 16, 2009

No stories.

I'm not quitting totally... not just yet.

I just got done signing more confidentiality agreements and clauses than I have ever signed in my entire life for any job, ever. The short version of the deal is that I get fired if I talk about work. Period. I know I have people who read my blog in my locality and I'm not willing to risk getting 'Dooce'd' (Heather B. Armstrong, aka 'Dooce', got fired from a job for blogging about her coworkers, hence the phrase Dooce'd).

So, whilst I'll still be blogging, there won't be any tales from the rehab facility. EMS, yes - and I still have tales waiting to be told on that front - but there won't be any LTCF stories, no matter who much I want to tell them.

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