Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dear Anon,

Dear Anonymous Commenter,

Thank you SO much or stopping by my little blog and leaving a comment! I very much appreciate your readership!

I imagine that you thought you were being very clever by NOT using an ID and leaving your somewhat inflammatory and altogether ill-informed comment under an 'anonymous' tag. However, I must inform you that you are very, very wrong about that.

You probably don't realize it, but I have a stat tracker on my blog. That tracker tells me who came here, where they came from, and even gives me their ISP addy. I put it on here for a reason; I wanted to encourage people who don't have ID's to leave comments.....much like you did. I want to encourage freedom of speech, no matter how fucked up, retarded, moronic or inflammatory that speech may be. However, because this is MY blog and it's sorta like MY house, I have a couple of other little tools that nobody else knows about that let me see who's coming from where and what they're doing here.

I don't check my stat tracker very often. I don't HAVE to.

Nobody that comes here is truly anonymous. Ever. Please try to remember that the next time you leave a comment.

Oh, and one more thing: You were NOT there. I was. I was in the middle of it for years. I am NOT relying on what the media is fact, I'll let you into a secret: I AM THE SOURCE OF HALF OF WHAT YOU READ IN THE NEWSPAPERS ABOUT THOSE EVENTS. Yeah, I'm a media informant. I was confidential, but there went that cover.

I also have access to information that the media does NOT, and no, I haven't passed on that information. It'll all come out at trial, and that's good enough for me.
See how pathetic your comment is now? I sure hope so.

When I said one more thing, I lied...but this truly IS the last thing: anyone who believes that a TRULY innocent person who has NO incriminating evidence against them can be extradited from one state to another and then held in a county jail for 10 MONTHS whilst awaiting trial is either incredibly misinformed or a fucking 'tard.

The truth will out, and that process will start in approximately 3 weeks.




Epijunky said...

You tell 'em girl! I got my boots on if you need me.

Anonymous said...

Stupid I don't know that shit about being "anonymous". I hoped you could see who it was posting the comment but yet do you know who I am? You sure the fuck don't do you you pathetic ass bitch. You make me laugh so fucking hard....I will be sure to remember that it really isn't anonymous. You stupid fuck, I am so fucking ready for your sorry ass as well as stupid fucks need more than your boots to face my wraith. Since your some "informant" what was the evidence? You ain't too smart cuz guess what bitch? I was there too. Didn't hear shit about any evidence.....the jury members didn't do their duty, your supposed to be convicted only beyond a reasonable doubt you stupid fuck. Please tell me what the evidence was? Like I said I was there throughout the whole thing but yet did I miss something? There wasn't shit, just storytellers sitting on that stand. Since when does someone go to jail on a she said/he said? How funny it is to me you saying I wasn't you are a terrific confidential informant. Ha ha....your so cool huh? You don't know shit, Miss Informant. Kiss my fucking ass you dumb ho, quit telling lies like your more than what you are cuz YOU AIN'T SHIT. Call me a moron whatever the fuck you want but you have just been revealed you fake ass media informant...Stupid fuck The pathetic fuck is YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU
Love Always,
The Mutha Fucka who revealed your fake Ass shit