Friday, May 29, 2009

How could you not love a face like this?

Some might say it's a face only a mama can love, but I disagree. Then again, I AM her mama (hoomin mama) so I'm biased.

Both the photos are kinda blurry because she doesn't sit still for very long when she's awake. Someone left a comment on a previous article and said that when he bought his second Boxer home there was non-stop play for 5 days....and that's pretty much how it's been here. When she's awake, she's either eating or playing.

I gotta tell ya, she's got me wrapped around her paw already. She's just so CUTE....she hasn't quite grown into her legs yet so she's got the clumsy, klutzy gait that just makes me giggle every time I see it, and she's interested in EVERYTHING. Everything is an adventure for her, and I love to watch her explore.

She's been pretty good about not tiddling on the rug (peed and pooped either outside, on her training pads or the tiled kitchen floor), is getting the hang of sitting on command (as long as there's a snack involved, she's all over it), is learning quickly what "NO" means and that shoes are not for chewing on, but you wanna know the absolute best part?
She's been sleeping in the crate with Grace, and she hasn't howled at night. At all. Not once. How awesome is that? It's FREAKIN' awesome, that's how awesome it is!!

SHE'S awesome. She really is.

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