Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Feck ewe

To the lazy lard ass bitch across the street who thinks it's too much effort to get out of her mini van at the communal mail box and drives over the grass and sidewalk instead:

Fuck you. Perhaps if you got off your arse to check the mail you wouldn't weigh 300lbs. It's called exercise, bitch. You should try it sometime.

To the crack whore with the sense of entitlement who didn't want USED free winter coats for her kids and who thought they should have brand new NAME BRAND ones:

Fuck you. Get a fucking job and buy your kids winter coats yourself. Until then, shut your cakehole and be a little grateful that there are people who are willing to literally give you the coats off their backs.

To the whining whinging pill head with 'fibro' and 'chronic fatigue' who just wants to sit on her ass and get stoned on prescription narcotics:

A BIG fuck you to you. Don't ever compare yourself to me again. See, unlike you, I have documented injuries; things that can be seen on scans and x-rays, not something that's diagnosed because all the tests came back negative and no other diagnosis fits. Also, unlike you, I WANT to go back to work and am doing everything I can to make sure that happens. I'm a person who happens to have gotten hurt, NOT a walking syndrome who happens to be a person. Take your Somas and Vicodins and Xanax pills and fuck off.

To the nasty ass motherfucker who hadn't bathed in months and who followed me around the grocery store, finding opportunities to get less than 12" away from me whenever possible:

Fuck you, too. It's called soap, and it's on aisle 1. You use it with water to WASH yourself with - it gets rid of that nasty funky odor you're currently sporting. You're gross, and if you get that close to me again I'm going to run my cart over your feet and break your fucking toes.

Finally, to the miserable old bastard who thinks that everyone younger than him should kiss his ass:

Fuck you. Just because you've managed to survive as long as you have doesn't mean that I owe you jack shit. Respect is earned, motherfucker, and you haven't done anything to earn mine.

*sigh* I feel so much better now.


Epijunky said...

Daaaaaamn Ninja :) Tell us how you really feel!

Looks like we were of similar minds over the last 24 hours.

Tex said...

It's OK NinjaMed, you don't have to hold back, please express yourself, don't hold it'll feel better.


Ninja Medic said...

Epi: Yeah, it DOES look like we've been in the same frame of mind recently! My mood is just due to stress and my inability to do a whole lot about it, I think. I DO feel better for venting, though.

Tex: :D You should see me do that in person. It's pretty spectacular, so I've been told. :)

Chris said...

... and breathe!