Thursday, November 13, 2008

Notes from a Noodle Dawg

Align LeftHullo, people of the intarwebs. My name is Noods, and My Momma sez i am the bestest Noodle Dawg in the whole wide wurld. I dunno zackly wut that means, but I fink it's a good thing becuz she hugs me and kisses me when she sez it.

I get to live in this house with My Momma and The Big Guy and My Kids and my sister Grace. I luv everyone of them, but I specially luv My Kids and My Momma coz they gives me fud and they hug and kiss me and rub my belly. I really liek that.

My Kids go to a place they call skool all the time. They go out really early in the morning and they don't come back until after My Momma and The Big Guy have eated their fud at lunch. I dunno whut they do when they go to skool, but i sure wish I could go wif them sum day. When they come home, they have all kinds of interesting smells on them and I follow them around so I can try to smell where they've been. I liek to smell fings. There are rooms in my house that have a speshul white chair in there and there is always an interesting smell coming from there. The Big Guy and Numbah Two boy make the best smells, but they shut the door and won't let me in there when they sit on that chair. I put my nose under the door so I can try to smell what they're doing in there, but they shout at me and say 'geddawaydawg'. I sure wud liek to know whut happens in there.

The Big Guy is always gone away. He goes away before My Kids and he doesnt come back til after My Kids get home. He doesn't smell very interesting when he comes back, so I fink that whut he does when hes gone must be very boring. Sumtimes after he eats his fud at nite, he sez 'c'mere Grrr' and lets me sit next to him on his couch. I liek that. I liek it so much that sumtimez I get real essited and I tiddle a little bit on the floor. Then The Big Guy sez 'geddaway dawg' and wont let me sit wif him. That maeks me sad, so I try reel hard not to tiddle on the floor no more. My Momma sez Im better about it, and that makes her it maeks me happy too.

My Momma has a hurted arm and she gots to wear this fing that makes her hold it reel still. I'm not sure whut happened there, either. One day she went out with two arms, and when she came back she smelled real funny and she had this fing on her arm. I fink that mebbe she tryed to jump off the couch like I did once when I hurted my leg. My leg wasnt very bad, tho, it got better reel quick. My Mommas arm has been hurted FOR EVER so I fink she must be hurt reel bad.

Im reel tired now, people of teh intarwebz. I fink I'm gunna taek a nap. I'll come back and write sum more laeter. Don't tell My Momma that I used her compooter, she wont liek it. this is gunna be a sekret, ok?


Punk Rock Grrr The Noodle Dawg.


Chris said...

Love it!

Chapati said...

:D awesome!

Ninja Medic said...

Chris and Chapati:

Fank ewe very much! I liek it that you read wut I wriet.

Today I am being a gud dawg. I didnt tiddle on the floor or nuffing liek that. Theres sum white stuff coming from the sky and I dun liek that. My Momma sez it is called snow, but I fink its just cauld rain.

I have to go nao. My Momma is coming down the stairs....