Thursday, November 20, 2008

Moar trubble

Hullo again, peoples of teh intarwebz. Tis I, Noods.

I am in trubble. BIG trubble. My Momma shouted at me and pointed her finger and said I haz been a nawty nawty little dawg. Then she pointed and shouted at my sister Grace and sed that she shoulda known better and that she wuz a nawty dawg too. I doan liek being a nawty dawg, it makes me sad. I tried to tell her I wuz sorry, but she doesnt understand me and she is still mad at me.

It all started last nite. My Momma wuz up the stairs in her bed cuz her arm hurted, so me and mai sister wuz down the stairs wiv The Big Guy and Numbah Two. The Big Guy wuz playing wif me and I got all ecssited and tiddled a little bit on the couch cover. The Big Guy sed aw Grr! Whyd you do that? Now I gots to wash it and he tooked the blue part off the cushion and put it in the washer. I didnt know you could do that...underneaf the blue part was a big skwooshy pillow with this wite fluffy stuff on it. I thought it was really interesting and I wanted to see it sum moar, but The Big Guy sed it was tiem for bed and me and Grace had to go to our room.

This moarning, FTS tooked me and Grace out of our room and after we had dun our bizness in the yard I wanted to see wut this fluffy stuff wuz. So me and Grace sniffed it a bit...and I mite have chewed it a little bit. So mite Grace. It was interesting stuff and I wanted to see moar of it, so Grace gotted the pillow off the couch and onto the floor and we invesigated sum moar. Do you know that the wite stuff comes off the pillow? I didnt know that until today. Then My Momma camed down the stairs and when she got to the bottom she seed me and Grace and the pillow and the wite stuff - cept the wite stuff wuznt on the pillow no moar, it wuz all over the floor. And on me. And sum wuz stucked in Graces chops.

She made this reel funny noise when she seed us. She kinda sounded like sumone tooked all of her air away and her eyes gotted REEL big and then she tooked in a breff and she said WUT DID YOU DAWGS DO OH NOE YOU ARE THE NAWTIEST DAWGS I EVER SAW. I didnt liek that. It maded me feel shamed of myself, so I sat down reel quick and hung my head. Grace did it too. My Momma kept shouting and I knew wut wuz coming so to save her words I went and gotted in my room. She sed YEAH, YOUD BETTER GO IN THERE YOU NAWTY GURRL!! SHAME ON YOU, YOUR BOFF NAWTY DAWGS! BAD BAD BAD DAWGS!! Then The Big Guy camed down the stairs to see wut the commoshun wuz and he wuznt very happy when he seed wut we did.

Me an Grace had to stay in our room all the time this moarning. My Momma had to go to the doctor again. I wuz finking that mebbe shed get that fing tooken off her arm today and wouldnt be hurt no moar, but when she camed home she still had it on. So I guess shes still hurt. Shes been hurted liek for EVAH.

My Momma let me and Grace out of our room, but she sez that we are still in big trubble and she wouldnt let me sit wif her in her chair liek I always do. She sez that she doesnt trust me no moar. I dont know wut that meanz, but I doan fink its a gud thing.

I wished I knew how to tell her Im reel reel sorry for messing wif the wite stuff. I doan know how, though.

I doan liek being nawty dawg.

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Epijunky said...

*stifled giggle*

My Maggie Doggie did that. Actually she destroyed an entire sectional in one night.

We gave her her own room the next day.