Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sparkling and letters

This whole 'Twilight' thing is pissing me off. I started to read the books last year and ended up putting the first one down, disgusted, after 30 or so pages. It was so bland, so sweetened up and nicey-nice cute that I couldn't handle it.

Vampires aren't supposed to be nice or cute. Vampires are the undead; they sleep in coffins and drink people's blood under the cover of darkness. They transform themselves into bats and other nastiness and to kill them you have to pin them to the ground with a stake right through their hearts.


Vampires don't sparkle. Period. And they sure as fuck don't look like an traditional Eton/Hogwarts boy like Cedric fucking Diggory. Modern ones look like Keifer Sutherland in 'The Lost Boys' or like Max Schreck in 'Nosferatu'.


*Ahem* Now that I've got that out of the way, I have news from the homefront.

Littlest 'Ling got his first Letter yesterday, for his participation and grades in Band. He is the first member of my family or his father's family to letter in ANYTHING, period. He's not in High School yet (8th grade this coming fall) so he doesn't have a Letterman jacket to put his letter on yet, but that's okay. As soon as he's eligible, we're getting him one and he's going to wear that thing with pride.

MY SON GOT A LETTER. That's *tres* cool.

Well done, LL! We are incredibly proud of you!

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Great commentary!