Saturday, September 27, 2008

Him and Her

(Edited after some clear headed thought - thanks, Chris! Wanna be my blogging Wingman?)

Numbah Two won Student Of The Month award at his school yesterday:

Urbaner and I surprised him by walking out in the middle of the assembly where he was being presented with his award. That kid was shaking, he was so surprised, but as you can see, he was pretty pleased with himself.
Future Trauma Surgeon went to her first formal dance this evening. I did her hair and makeup, and cried when she left with her boyfriend:

She looked so pretty and grown up and it occurred to me that she is, for all intents and purposes, grown up and will be leaving home in a couple of years. It seems like just yesterday she was a really sick baby who I thought might have to spend most of her life in and out of the hospital, and here she is now going looking incredibly beautiful and very adult. It's a sad, but happy moment for me, and I'm very very proud of her.

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Chris said...

I hope, for their sake, the kids don't know about the blog - I somehow imagine that Numbah 2 wouldn't be too impressed seeing mum's boobies underneath his photo on the internet for all to see!