Monday, September 29, 2008


Future Trauma Surgeon has a migraine. Again. The second one in 6 weeks.

It started with an aura she described as 'like double vision' yesterday, but after a rudimentary neuro exam and a set of baseline vitals (both of which were normal) she said that the right side of her head hurt and she felt queasy. So, I sent her off to bed with 1000 mgs of tylenol and 25mgs of benadryl on board and hoped that it would have resolved itself by today.

Yeah, right. She still had the headache. So, off she went to the doctor.

She's now on Maxalt for the next time she gets a headache and 12.5mgs promethazine q 4hrs for the nausea. I've also given her another 1000mgs of tylenol, made her hydrate, and I'm sending her back to bed in a few minutes to see if she can't sleep it off.

I'm going to have to call the school nurse in a little while and do battle with her .... this school district is notoriously bad about student medications and administering them in a timely manner. I don't do well with this nurse: she's send the kids home for bullshit petty stuff (finger hurts - no swelling or brusing), but has kept them in school for things that I consider to be acute/urgent (broken ankle. Swelling, bruising, pain all present, but she kept the kid at school).

FTS has perked up considerably since she took the Maxalt. Says her 'throat feels weird' but that the headache has decreased considerably.


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