Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This is how she got her name...

When we were bringing her home (kidnapping her from her bro and sis and mama) she fell asleep on my lap in the car and for a moment I thought she was dead - she was literally like a wet noodle. No muscle tone whatsoever.
She wasn't dead, obviously. Just asleep. Fast asleep. This dawg can SLEEP, yo. Like she couldn't ever be a medic or a fireman because the tones wouldn't wake her up.
Anyway. This photo was taken this afternoon as she napped with my on my recliner. Clearly, she was the one doing all the napping as I was working on my laptop - and yeah, the 'enter' key is missing. It fell off last week and I don't have the dexterity to put it back on right now.
Next time, I'll tell you how I got the moniker 'NinjaMedic'. For now, I'm going to ice my boobies and watch Trauma. Hey, if I can't work, I may as well watch other people work, right?

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