Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sockens, needles and asshattery.

I'm almost done with the first of my latest sock project (sorry for the not-so-great photo quality).

I'm using a pattern called 'Stems' from Charlene Schurch's 'More Sensational Knitted Socks'. The yarn is KnitPicks 'Palette' in a color called 'Tidepool heather'. It looks green, but it has really cool flecks of yellow and blue in it, which I love. I started on the toe this morning - the pattern calls for the continuation of the pattern all the way down to the end but I'm hard on the toes of socks and, given that this was a lacier pattern than I usually make, I decided that I'd end up with my toes poking through the sock if I did that. So, I went with a plain toe and I'm just about done with it.

Having fallen foul of Second Sock Syndrome a few times, I've been looking for a way to knit two socks at the same time. Knitty has a pattern for 2 socks on 2 circulars, and there is a web page out there on teh interwebs that has instructions, but to be honest both of them are difficult to read at best and downright confusing at worst. So, I bought a book by Melissa Morgan-Oakes called '2-at-a-time socks':

and I'm excitedly anticipating the arrival of my new 40" circular needles from KnitPicks so I can get started. Basically, it's the Magic Loop method, times two. The book has very clear photos and easy to understand written instructions (hey, I'm a medic, not a psychic. Pictures help) and the patterns are beautiful. I think that I may never suffer from SSS again! I hope so, anyway.
In other news, I got my pre-surgery blood work done this morning. I had to get stuck three times before the tech hit a vein, which was unusual. The first tech did something that I detest: she slid the needle in with the bevel up, which is fine....but then when she didn't hit the vein, she not only advanced it, she lifted it up at a more acute angle and wiggled it from side to side. It wasn't painful, exactly, but I cannot say that it was a pleasant sensation either. I've never had anyone do that before, they usually advance, retract and if they don't get any crimson, they pull out and try the other side.
My arms look like I've been hitting the smack/speed syringe hard. Oh well.
ERP over at www.erstories.net has stirred up a veritable shit-storm with his article 'A Nice Way Of Saying' http://erstories.net/?p=541 . There are chronic pain, morbidly obese and Cushingoid patients coming out of the woodwork over there, all gunning for ERP's ass. I chimed in a few times, but to be honest the level of asshattery is just too overwhelming for me so I'm staying away for the rest of the day lest I should say something to REALLY offend someone. I will say this, though: 1) people shouldn't believe everything they read on teh interwebs, and 2) reading comprehension is apparently a dead art. People see certain keywords and just don't seem to be able to focus on anything else.
Time for tea. Care to join me?


melissaknits said...

I firmly believe that any tech who does the "lift and wiggle" move should be smacked, hard and on the head, with the alternate hand of the person who's being drawn. I had adopted a one-stick rule. You get one shot. You miss, then you're calling someone else.

And I hope you love the book!!

Ninja Medic said...

I DO love it, thank you! It was kind of daunting when I first started, but after a few rows I got the hang of it. Joining the heel and instep together was..umm...different, but again, I managed it.

I'm on my second pair of socks now, and I do believe that I'm not going to knit separate socks ever again. This way is SO much easier!