Thursday, September 25, 2008


Today was my followup visit with the reconstructive surgeons. I got to take off the gross surgical bra I've been wearing for a week and see what was under all the dressings.

My breasts are bruised and slightly swollen, but perky and much smaller - I measured them and I'm a 36 C. Everything is healing well and we don't anticipate any problems. I haven't had a back or neckache since the surgery.

The pathology report on the excised tissue came back, and I have microcalcifications. I suspected I had some fibrocystic changes, but had no idea about the calcifications - however, it's nothing to worry about right now. I'm almost 40, so I'm at the age when I'm going to need to start getting yearly mammograms, so I'll mention it to the radiologist the next time I get one done.

I've been hemming and hawing about whether to post a photo of my new 'girls' here on my blog. I've decided that yeah, I'm going to do it:

Sorry if that offends anyone, but I'm not sorry I posted it. I want other women who may be considering breast reduction to see what the scars look like and to know what they can expect to look like in the weeks following the surgery without having to resort to plastic surgery sites and their professionally done before and after shots.

They're just boobs, after all.


marsbarn said...

I for one really appreciate your courage in showing your "girls" on your blog. Sure, they are just breasts, but they are yours, and (although I would like to think I would) I am not sure I'd have the nerve to do it. You still look quite swollen, how much pain are you in?

Ninja Medic said...

I'm kind of sore still, but it's not too bad. Taking a shower is the worst part, they're tender and bruised and washing them is kind of uncomfortable.

I thought for a while about posting that photo here. I think that my main motivation was that I want people to be able to have a realistic view of breast reduction instead of the before/after shots that surgeons put out. I want people to be able to see the bruises and the stitches and the swelling; I want them to know that yeah, it looks a little bit gruesome at first but it DOES get better.

I'm jealous of what you can do with fabric, btw! :)