Wednesday, September 24, 2008

How NinjaMedic got her name

It's not very exciting, trust me.

It all began with a friend who wasn't feeling well. He had called me complaining about his symptoms - why is it, btw, that people who aren't feeling well and who know we're medics feel that it's appropriate to treat us as their own personal medical resources and ask us questions? I'm not a doctor, people. I can tell you that I think you've got something going on and you need to see a doc, but I'm not about to diagnose you.

But I digress. This friend (who is no longer a friend, just so you know. He turned out to be far too immature to be able to hang with me) was whining and generally being a man about what turned out to be a case of the blahs, so I ran through an assessment with him without telling him what I was doing. I do that a lot. People who know me are wise to my game now and will shut me down, but folks who either don't know me or who don't know I'm an EMT have no clue.

At the end of the conversation, I told him that I didn't think anything was wrong.

Him: "How do you know? I could be ill. You never even asked me any que.....wait. You did it, didn't you? You assessed me. You snuck up on me and you did it."

Me: "yep. You're fine. Stop whining"

Him: "How....I mean ......what the fuck? You snuck up on me!"

Me: "Yeah, I gots MAD silent medic skills baybee! I can sneak in an assessment and you won't know I've done it until it's all over. Ha!"

Urbaner, who had been listening in the background said "You're a NinjaMedic!"

Me: "Oooh, I think you just found the title for my new blog! The adventures of NinjaMedic..."

Urbaner:...."and Noodle Dawg".

And here we are, and now you know.

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