Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blogroll update

I'm updating my blogroll. I read WAY more blogs than I have listed, and I think it's somewhat rude of me to read you and NOT have you listed.....so, if you don't see your blog on my list and want me to put it there, leave me a comment with your URL and I'll show you some link-y love by adding you.

Or, if you read a blog that you think I'd like, leave me the URL for that one and I'll add it, too.

By the way...Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

Chapati said...

Do you use google reader?

If so, there is a really easy way to update without having to type every single new blog you read manually.(you may already know about this, I only recently discovered it!)

In your layout, add the 'blog lists' gadget. Click 'add to list' and then 'import subscriptions from google reader'.

Very usefully, if you later subscribe to more, and click 'import subscriptions...' it only comes up with the blogs you're not already listing, saving lots of faffing about and lots of time.