Monday, January 5, 2009

By the way....

...I have labrynthitis. I started having tinnitus this afternoon, which is another symptom common to the condition, and it kinda sealed the deal. The doc seemed really sure that's what it was, but until the tinnitus came on I harbored doubts.

Now I'm sure that's what it is.

Meclizine, Tigran and rest are what I've been prescribed, and I have to say the Meclizine helps a lot.

Apparently I'm walking like I'm a sailor and I feel like I used to when I got really drunk and got the spins. Urbaner had to drive me home from the clinic today and had to keep grabbing my arm to guide me back on course when I started in on my drunken stumble.

I had to cancel my ortho surgeon's appointment this afternoon because I couldn't drive there myself and reschedule it for Thursday morning. Hopefully I'll be ok to drive by then.

In short, vertigo sucks.

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