Sunday, June 14, 2009


I'm incredibly happy with the way my garden is coming along:

Those are Straightneck squash, a petite bell pepper plant, and FTS's eggplant.

Those are Acorn and Straightneck squash.
Peas, both Snow and pod varieties, and that's my home-rigged trellis system that I'm pretty proud of.
Tomatoes! Lots of tomatoes!

Beans, and another trellis system.
Yellow pear tomatoes, and next to them is the newest addition to the garden: an habanero pepper plant. I got it for Numbah Two, but I'm not sure how interested in it he is. It has flowers and a couple of pepper buds on it and already has that distinctive 'hot' smell that peppers have, you know?

That's one of the two honeysuckle bushes we got for Urbaner. It had a couple of blossoms on it that smelled wonderful, but it lost those a couple of days ago. However, there are many more coming and I think that sitting on our patio is going to be a wonderful sensory experience in a couple of weeks when it's in full bloom.
Thos are the other peppers. Clockwise from bottom left: jalapeno, fajita bell, orange bell and sweet banana.

That's a close-up of the fajita bell.
Those are cantelope and honeydew melons, and whilst you can't really see it very well there's a single, solitary watermelon seedling in there too. Littlest 'Ling planted some seeds a while back and was very disappointed when none of them sprouted. I planted a few more and only one of them came up, so we're taking extra special care of it!

I also have a whole container of different varieties of lettuce: romaine, arugula, endive, red salad bowl, oak leaf, radicchio, butterleaf and green ice. I only planted the seeds a day or so ago so they're not germinated or spouting yet.

If everything keeps growing the way it has been, I forsee an abundance of fruits and vegetables in my future.

Time to learn how to can, I think!

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nickopotamus said...

Wow! If only I lived nearby to come steal food. Though then my gf would spend all her time getting gardening tips and I'd never see her :(