Sunday, June 28, 2009

SSG J Melton's funeral

This is what I was a part of yesterday. Seeing it on film really brings home for me just how significant it was, and I am glad that our actions helped the family of SSG Melton feel that they're not alone, that we all care and are all grateful for his service and their sacrifice.

(At the end of the clip you see Urbaner, me, FTS and her boyfriend standing as part of the flag line. I'm wearing a black EMS shirt - I couldn't take a poster with everyone's names on it, so I felt like wearing that would be my way of representing for the EMS community and especially the people I blog with).

It's not the kind of event that I look forward to attending, but now that I've been to one you can bet your butt I will be going to more - especially if Phelps' sheeple decide to show up.

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