Friday, June 5, 2009

FTS and I had come home from walking the dogs this afternoon when we found this on the porch:
It's a polyphemus moth, apparently. All I know is it was huge, and that it's a male because it has these big feathery antennas on it's head.

We have swallows nesting on the front porch and I was worried about them eating him, so with much squealing and squirming we transplanted him onto my fuschia in the backyard:

His family is named 'Polyphemus' because of the eyes on his wings (the cyclops Ployphemus of mythology). He's beautiful and ugly all at the same time....don't you think?

He's enormous. FTS says she's never seen a moth that big. Neither have I!


Raindog said...

Very cool!

Medic(three) said...

That could eat one of my dogs!