Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fred Phelps, you've changed me.

Yes, you have, but not in the way you think.

You sir, are a megalomanic egotistical delusional FUCK who is the most hateful human I have ever come across. I've managed to make it through 40 years on this planet without hating anyone, but I hate you, Fred. I really, truly hate you and everything you stand for, and I hate the spineless sheeple who follow you and parrot your insane ramblings mindlessly.

Today I went out to a funeral of a person I didn't know, in support of a family I have never met. I talked with people I normally wouldn't have spoken with, and I stood shoulder to shoulder with people I might never have met were it not for you. I came away with new friends and as a member of an organization I might never have had the opportunity to join had you not pissed me off enough to make me take action.

You gave me the opportunity to show my children how to stand up for something you believe in and hold true, even if that something is dislike for another person or thing. From now on, whenever I get wind that you or your sheeple will be in my area, me and my new friends are going to make it our business to be there to drown you people out. Just as you are exercising your constitutional rights, we will be exercising ours - right in front of you and louder than you. We will not let you disrupt anyone's funeral or church service, Fred. Not on our watch.

So thank you, Fred, for changing me...and for changing my daughter and my husband and all the other people who turned out just to shout you clowns down. You've changed us for the better.


NinjaMedic, Military Spouse and new member of the PGR.


Epijunky said...

You know what? I'll make the drive to join you.

mail said...

well said and well played.