Friday, April 17, 2009

The day after

That photo was taken last summer (when Urbaner was still rockin' his cheesy mustache, haha). There are 4 generations in that photo; my boys, their dad, their dad's dad, and their great-grandfather.

Thank you for all your comments, emails and text messages. It really helps to know that I have people who are willing to listen to me should I need to vent.

I got a call from Numbah Two today. He's doing okay; tired but settling in. He should see the doc later today and I'm expecting a call from him about medicating NT.

I spoke to the Director Of Nursing at work this morning. I'll have to fill out some paperwork in order to take a leave of absence, but I still have a job with them when I'm ready to go back. On hearing my tale of woe, she said "Good god, girl, no wonder you have an ulcer!".

Urbaner said that graduating from this school is even more important now. He's doing it for Morris, he said. I think Morris would like that. He's worried that people will be mad at him for not dropping what he's doing and coming home for the funeral. I told him that I didn't think anyone would be because it was Morris' dying wish that he stay the course, but if I heard anyone comment about it I'd shut them down pretty quick. I will, too. They didn't hear his heart break as he heard the news....I did.

The funeral is Monday, and he's having a firefighter color guard and a 21 gun salute from the VFW. It was suggested that perhaps attending the visitation on Sunday would be easier for me and the kids (the funeral is in the morning and we'll have to leave home before 5am in order to make it). I don't know how well the 'lings will handle a visitation; sitting around an open casket looking at their grandfather's corpse for 3 hours might be too much for them. So, we're going to the funeral instead. I don't care that we're going to have to leave early, we're going to be there and that's all there is to it.

I cannot verbalize how glad I am that we spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with Urbaner's family. Morris was there, you see. We got to spend a whole day with him, talking and eating and laughing. I an *so* glad that my 'lings and my husband and I have those days as our last memory of him.

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