Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's called 'self checkout' for a reason!!!

Here begins today's rant:

Attention patrons of the Scott AFB Commissary: the 'self checkouts', for those of you who are not familiar with the term, are checkouts where you ring up your OWN items. YOURSELF. There isn't a person there to ring them up for you.

Also, when there are multiple signs saying '15 items or less', that means if you have MORE than 15 items in your basket, you should use an attended register. 16 or 17 I can deal with, but 25? Yeah, you need to go elsewhere.

This afternoon I stood in line behind a woman who not only had WAY MORE than 15 things in her cart, she was so inept at utilizing the self checkout that she had to have an attendant ring up AND bag all of her purchases for her...whilst the line behind me got longer and longer and longer.

The thing that really pissed me off was the attendants response when I asked him about the 15 item rule: "Yeah, we don't enforce that".

If you're not going to enforce it, why fucking spend the money to have signs made up and posted in multiple places around the registers? Also, it seems to me that this commissary is slightly selective about what rules they enforce and which ones they don't: during peak shopping hours military in uniform have priority in line over other shoppers (and that's absolutely as it should be) and THAT rule is enforced. Why then, is the number of items rule ignored?

The lady who couldn't use the register walked out behind me and I was SOOOOO tempted to turn around and ask her if she understood the concept of a self-service register.....but I'd have probably thrown some cusswords in there and that would have been offensive, so Urbaner and I just walked REALLY slow so she couldn't get by.

Childish? Yeah, probably. But hellaciously satisfying.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that annoys the crap out of me too. If it says 10 items or less and the person in front of me has a trolley full "because the queue is shorter and I have to get home" then the staff should have the balls to tell them to use a normal queue like everyone else with a trolley.

I got into an argument with one once and the manager sided with the person with the trolley! Apparently because she had kids to go pick up at school, it was ok, though how the manager would have known this before she moaned about it I'm not sure. Didn't matter that I was on my lunchbreak and needed to get back to work - not that I was wearing my green uniform or anything.

The self service checkouts then make it ten times worse. Not sure whether it's just bad design or the stupidity of the general public, but they make the whole thing slower. All I want is to put the three items I'm getting for lunch through and bugger off, but no, I can't because there's some moron holding up the queue who doesn't understand the concept of "put the item in the bagging area" and needs the assistant to come and clear every single thing they buy.

Argh, I'm all angry now!