Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yeah, that's REAL mature.

The Slacker quit at work the other night. It's a good thing; it needed to happen. Everyone else had been carrying her weight for weeks; she was never anywhere to be found, took breaks that were WAAAY longer than they're supposed to be and was generally just lazy. The final straw for me was when she was the only person on the unit but she walked away from an emergent call light to go sit at the nurses station.

She didn't go quietly, though....and what she did to sabotage those of us who were left behind was total and utter bullshit.

She folded the incontinence pads under her patients with the absorbent side DOWN. When the incontient patients urinated/defecated, it went all over themselves and their beds, meaning that we had total bed changes and patient baths to give instead of just changing the pads and giving the person a quick clean up.

Using your elderly, frail and incontinent patients to get back at your co-workers.

That's a whole new level of immaturity.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone I know! At first I thought they were just inept, now I realise that they're doing stuff like that deliberately to try and make the people they work with look bad. Even worse, they'll then highlight the mistake and blame it on the other guy they're working with when someone asks what's going on

Epijunky said...

That just makes me want to become physically violent. How dare this person act this way. Shame on them.

Glad she's gone.

Aaron said...

It's not just rude & immature. It's criminally abusive.