Monday, April 13, 2009

You named your child what?!

I'm looking at baby pages and birth anouncements and I'm having trouble imagining what some of these parents were thinking when they named their babies.

First up, we have a little girl named 'Royale'. The first thing that comes to my mind is the Belgian cheeseburger a la Pulp Fiction....

Next, 'Elighcia'. I understand that it's probably pronounced 'Ell-ee-sha', but that's going to be incredibly difficult for a child (or anyone else) to spell when they get older.

'Xhandria' is an unusual name. I wonder if it's pronounced 'Zan-dree-ah' or 'Ex-an-dree-ah'?

'Kai'viaun' is next on the list. I have no idea how it's pronounced, and I wish that people would stop putting random letters and apostrophes together and saying that they're a name. They're not.

Some parents actually named their little boy 'Lucifer'. Really. What happens if he grows up and decided that fundamental christianity is the right path for him?

I have no idea where this idea for a name came from and I really don't care to know: 'Riggens', and it's a girl. What the heck!?

Last but by no means least, 'Iwoblue', and again it's a little girl. How is it pronounced, I wonder? What does it mean - if it means anything at all?

I'm thinking that my almost naming my daughter 'Nirvana' wasn't so silly afterall....

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Evil Transport Lady said...

I! If I hear the name "Naeveh" I'll choke.