Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Noodle Dawg Blog

Hullo, peoples. It is me, Noods. I haf camed to tell yew about fings in mai howse.

First of all, mai momma gots somefing called a 'job' and she is gone away a LOT. She leaves after she eats her lunch and she doesn't come back until after I go to bed. She wears these funny clothes she calls 'skrubs' and when she comes home she shore does smell inturesting. I fink that I wud liek to go to the job wif her sumtiem but I doan no if she'll let me.

Next, the Big Guy wented away AGAIN. He said he wud be back and dat he had to go to a skool. I doan understand dat; mai kids to go a skool but they come home every day. The Big Guy stays at skool at nite tiem too. I wunder if dats becuz he is bigger than mai kids....

The Tall Girl was crying the other day because both her hamstores dieded. I was sad, I liekd them hamstores. Tall Girl had a little car wif a ball in it dat she wud put the hamstore in and it wud run and me an Grace wud chase it and sniff it and play wif it. Now they are dead so I can't do that anymoar. Mai Momma was crying too becuz her mouse died. I liekd the mouse, he wuzznt as interesting as the hamstores and he was reel small but I liekd to look at him run on his spinny fing. He shore wuz kwik. Nao mai momma sez she isnt gonna get a new mouse cuz she'll never be able to replace Napoleon.

Mai momma haz a tummy ake today. She had to go to the dokter and when she camed back she sed she wuzznt going to werk until next week. I fink dats a gud fing, cuz i fink she werks too much. She is always tired when she haz to werk and me and mai sister Grace doan hardly get to see her. I'm gonna sleep on her bed tonite. The Big Guy doesn't let me when he is here, he sez 'Noods, you can't lie still. You gots to go' but mai momma doesn't say anyfing liek dat.

Ok, peoples. I'm getting sleepy. It is dark outsied and I fink its tiem for me to go get up on mai mommas bed and go to sleep. Fank ewe for listening to me.

Bie for nao,


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Kathy said...

Noods, I just love it when you come and speak to us!! Please do it more often!