Thursday, April 2, 2009

I blame it all on the nookie.

I have a bit of pyleonephritis going on. It started out as a UTI - the 5th one in a year - and I didn't have time to go to the doctor for a UA until Tuesday. I did the pee test and within half an hour I got a call saying that I HAD to come in and be seen the next morning because I had pretty high levels. By the time I got done at work I was feverish and felt like I had hot rocks sitting where my bladder and right kidney should be.

So, I got signed out of work for 3 days, put on antibiotics to treat the current infection and given more antibiotics to use post-coitus.

It's the coitus that's the problem, see. I'm getting UTI's because I'm having sex. Lots of sex. Yeah, that's probably TMI for yall, but...oh well. Anyway, I'm doing everything I can to try to ward off UTI's: I pee afterwards and make sure I hydrate well, but it's not working. My urethra is short and bacteria get up into my bladder where they have themselves an orgy and multiply. This time I left it too long and they got bored with my bladder and went up my ureters in search of greener pastures.

Yesterday I had a 103 degree fever and felt like shite. Today, I'm afebrile and feel better - not 100%, but better than yesterday.

I also got put on Lopressor for migraine prevention. I'll let you know how that goes...

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