Friday, December 5, 2008

FTS is stoned.

FTS got a migraine that she can't get rid of, so she had to go to the doc this morning.

50mgs of Demerol, 25mgs of Phenergan and half an hour later she threw up all over herself and the interior of my truck. Half an hour after that she's laying on the couch (where I can keep a eye on her 'cause she's never had narcotics for a migraine before) with a silly grin on her face, slurring something about feeling weird and falling asleep mid-sentence.

She's getting a head CT done early next week and has a follow up for next Friday. This is the third migraine in a month, so the doc and I think that a prophylactic medication is in order.

Poor kid. I had hoped the migraine curse wouldn't affect her.....

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