Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pore spelerz of teh wulrd, untie!

I've been perusing eBay and the classified ads today, and for some reason almost every ad/auction I've looked at appears to have been written by a three year old. Poor spelling is a pet peeve of mine - I'm not talking about the odd mistake here and there, I'm talking about a total butchery of the English language.

Here are some examples (with my commentary and the correct spelling)

For sale: manikan for cloths display (should have been 'mannequin for clothes display'. What is it with people leaving the 'e' out of 'clothes'?!)

Thamasvilel dinning room ('Thomasville dining room'. WTF?!)

Dress with sequenced ('dress with sequins'. This is a REALLY common mistake. Apparently there is an entire segment of the population convinced that a sequence is a flat shiny thing that you sew on cloths...err, I mean clothes)

Heals ('heels'. Are they magical shoes with curative properties? If so, I know of a few people who could use a pair!)

Computor repare for cheap ('Computer repair for cheap'. Yeah. Not gonna be having them work on my PC anytime soon).

New lethar coat only tryed once ('new leather coat, only tried once'. 'Tryed' is a common mistake, but 'lethar'? No excuse for that one)

Cashmeer coat with tautus shell butons ('cashmere coat with tortoiseshell buttons'. 'Tortoiseshell' I can understand and maybe even 'cashmere', but 'buttons'?! WTF?!)

Beautifull fabrick with daisey pattern ('Beautiful fabric with daisy pattern')

Red patern leather heals ('red patent leather heels'. Much like 'sequence', lots of people don't seem to know how to spell 'patent' - as in shiny leather. It's not that difficult!)

Black patient pumps ('black patent pumps' - and they weren't pumps, they were open toe slingbacks. There's a big difference. Again with the 'patent'!)

Jacket with fo-furr trim ('Jacket with faux fur trim'. Fo' sho'!)

Cammel hare cote ('Camel hair coat'. Is it an camel and rabbit-cousin coat? No excuse for that one.)

Navvy blue peecoat ('Navy blue peacoat'. I sure hope that it's not a peecoat, the smell would be horribly difficult to get out.)

Ornamints for tree ('Ornaments for tree')

Handbeaded neckless ('Hand beaded necklace'. Neckless? Is that possible?)

Turkoise saten shirt ('turquoise satin shirt'. I think I see a common thread here; if a word isn't spelt as it's pronounced people get it wrong.)

Tons of used striper cloths and outfits ('tons of used stripper clothes and outfits' Striper? And who in hell wants to buy used stripper clothes! EW EW EW EW EW!!!!!!!)

Swet pants ('sweat pants'. Again with the phonetics.)

Aphabet books for kids ('Alphabet books for kids'. Hmm..perhaps you should hang on to those)

Beeded chockker ('beaded choker'. Gah!)

Girls dance lepardtard ('Girls dance leotard'. Are we talking about retarded felines here?)

Womens swayeded jacket ('women's suede jacket'. Was the jacket unsteady on it's feet, perhaps?)

The saddest thing for me is that these folks put their ads on the 'net like that. It's one thing to actually BE a dumb ass, but quite another to let the whole world THINK that you're one. What happened to us, America? When did it become okay to not know how to spell?

When did this dumbing down start....and more importantly, when and where will it end?


marsbarn said...

I know several people who troll Ebay looking for misspelled items because they sell for less that properly spelled items. After all people can't find them easily.

Chapati said...

LOL, these made me laugh!

It's funny, when I write, bad spelling, punctuation, grammmer, layout, is a pet peeve of mine too - although I probably make loads of mistakes too.

But when other people write, as long as I understand it I don't seem to care about spelling or punctuation.

Layout really gets to me though. If something is not easy on the eye it makes it difficult to work up the motivation to read it.

RD said...

I am not the best speller and a worse typer, but most computer have a form of spell check or a dictionary. I use mine daily......

Happyrunningbunny said...

This post made me burst into laughter and I really needed a laugh right now. Thank you for this hilarious post!

Epijunky said...

Oh my holy hell.

All of a sudden I'm feeling like a roads skolar.

Anonymous said...

Hehe, this is a random comment. and it doesn't concern the article. But one of my best online user names is Ninja Medic. I developed it playing a zombie game about 6 months ago. I just randomly googled it, and this site came up.. Oh Well, I thought it was original, and I thought wrong :(

Chris said...

Oh, god no! Two NMs?

How will the world cope? x