Friday, December 5, 2008

Sumfin wrong wif mai hoomin

Hullo intarwebz, it is me, Noods. I havent had time to wriet much cuz I has been busy wif mai chineese projeck in mai yard. Mai Momma sed that she finks I am trieing to dig to china. I dunno whut that is, but I fink it sounds nice. Sumtiems mai hoomins go in teh car and when they come back they gots this stuff that smells reel good and they call in chineeze fud. If chineeze fud comes frum china I fink that Id liek it there reel well.

I have sum noos for you, intarwebz. There is sumfin rong wif one of mai hoomins, the girl named Shea. Her and mai Momma went out in the truck this morning and when they camed home mai Momma was carrying the Shea cuz her feets wouldnt work rite. She had stuff on her shirt and she smelled like I do when I get into the trash can and eat fings that make my tummy feel not very gud. Mai Momma maded her taek her clothes off and put her jamas on and sed fings liek 'lay down on teh couch so I can keep my eye on you'...but I didnt see her put her eye on teh Shea, so I doan no why she sed it. Anyway. Teh Shea did whut mai Momma toled her to do, and then she felled sleep. She is STILL sleep, teh intarwebz. Mai sister Grace and me are wurried about teh Shea, so we take turns laying down wif hur so we can maek sure she is okay. Grace has gived her kisses on her face and so have I becuz we fink it maeks her feel better. I no mai Momma alwayz smiles when we give her kisses when she has water coming from her eyes, so Grace and me fink that is a gud thing we are doing for teh Shea. I doan no whut is wrong wif teh Shea, though. I shoor hope she is ok and wakes up soon. I doan like it when mai hoomins are liek this, it makes me wurry.

Dis is a pikchure of me laying down wif mai Shea on our couch:

You can see teh Shea's hair just coming out frum under her blankie, but thas all you can see of her. Mai Momma sed me and mai sister Grace did a reel gud job of taeking care of teh Shea.

That is Grace looking after teh Shea. She gots to sit at the end of the couch becuz mai Momma sed her arse is too big to be sitting on peoples laps and that she wud skwish teh Shea if she sat on her.
I has to go nao, teh intarwebz. It luks pretty comfy on the couch wif teh Shea and mai sister, so I fink Im gunno go lay down and go sleep wif dem. If you can, plz have a naise fought for mai Shea today, cuz hers duznt feel reel gud. Fank you, teh intarwebz!

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